• What is Visual Warfare?
    Visual Warfare is Milwaukee’s own 100% legit one on one graffiti battle. It’s all about style and technique in a controlled, legal environment.
  • What are the rules?
    No stencils, no wheatpastes, no tapelines, no beef. Just cans of paint and a blank wall. Each artist will have one day to paint, and voting will happen here. Winner gets swag, mad respect, and plenty of street cred. This shit is for real.
  • Where is this going down?
    The battles will take place in Emphcon studios in Milwaukee’s south side. Images and video will be found here. Stay tuned!
  • Can I come and watch?
    Unfortunately, the studio does not accommodate an open public viewing of the battle, you’ll have to stay tuned to this site.
  • How can I join the battle?
    Send samples of your work to emphatik1@gmail.com. Remember, this is cans and hands only.

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